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CAPPA New Parent Educator Training

Join con-developer of the New Parent Educator program, Laura Nance, for this amazing training that will prepare you to teach classes to new and expecting parents!

The New Parent Educator is a modern teacher for today’s modern parents. This isn’t just about teaching bathing and diapering. This is teaching the heavy stuff that parents need to know. How to soothe a baby. How to support sleep. How to keep relationships strong after the birth of the baby. What to expect from a postpartum body. How to understand baby cues. And so much more.

This class in New York City will be taught on June 2 & 3, from 8:30 AM – 6:30 PM both days.

Early Bird Pricing (through April 1, 2018) 595.00
Regular Pricing (April 1-May 1, 2018) 645.00
Late Registration Pricing (After May 1, 2018) 695.00

Special Pricing available for anyone who has taken Kristy Zadrozny's trainings. Please email me at for additional information