Expecting(nyc) Doula Mentorship Program

This program is designed for those interested in becoming a professional doula. Through advanced training modules, supervision, mentorship support, and actual birth work, doulas will gain a wide breadth of knowledge to confidently pursue a career as a professional doula. 

Getting started in any career takes tremendous effort and dedication. You can certainly reach your goal of becoming a successful doula on your own, but it can take many hours and years to learn what happens on the front lines and how deal with challenging cases. The gift of working directly with a teacher who has walked this road before you means you have direct access to the information that takes years to hone. Working with Expecting(nyc)'s mentorship program offers you the skills, method of client preparation, and confidence to succeed in a vocation that many struggle to find their way. We strive to help doulas obtain professional certification, gain experience, and have direct mentorship and supervision with Kristy Zadrozny and other experts in the field, while learning alongside other individuals going through the same certification process. Our doulas undergo a thorough and rigorous training that prepares them to gain employment through NYC's top doula agencies, start private practices, and have the opportunity to develop life-long partnerships with other doulas through our caring and supportive community. 

We are different because we focus on self-improvement and self-awareness first. We streamline the process of understanding who you are on this earth, which will inform your work as a professional and will help you build the kind of life that serves you and your family.


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  • Completion of Kristy Zadrozny’s Mindfulness-Based CAPPA Labor or Postpartum Doula Training
  • 1 Year Commitment

Participation is approval-based

Apprenticeship Model

  • Observe Expecting(nyc) Doula’s Process Meeting (1x/month for 1-2 hours)
  • Attend Small Group Supervision: 4 Apprentices to 1 Senior Doula (1x/month for 2 hours)
  • Attend Advanced Training Module(s) (1x/month for 3 hours)
  • Observe 9-week Mindfulness-Based Childbirth and Parenting Course
  • Freely sit in on Childbirth Education Classes taught at Expecting(nyc)


  • Observe Prenatal Preparation and Postpartum visits with experienced doulas
  • Attend at least 1 birth with an experienced doula
  • Attend 3 solo births as a Labor or Postpartum Doula, either through Expecting(nyc) (potential to earn back investment) or independently
  • Participate in Community Outreach team

Additional Support

  • Option to access “on-call” experienced doula while you are at a birth or in need of immediate assistance
  • Open question/discussion forum on Facebook group, moderated by Senior Doulas

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Doula Training

Mindfulness-Based Childbirth and Parenting Course

Expecting(nyc) Doulas' Process Meetings (tbd)

Small Group Supervision Meetings (tbd)

Advanced Training Modules (tbd)