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Perhaps you already have a meditation practice or have always been interested in starting one. Now is the moment. This Mindfulness-Based Childbirth and Parenting (MBCP) program is a nine-week practical preparation course for the ins and outs of childbirth, parenting, and life, leaving you confident and excited for your labor, birth, and the time after. 

A la carte series

The à la carte courses are designed to offer flexible scheduling for busy parents. Each class is offered once a month. We strongly recommend taking each class within this series, however we don't want to restrict the lessons to only those that have the ability to attend all. Therefore, we offer single class pricing as well as class-bundling discounts.

Birth Plan Basics

Mindfulness Based Childbirth and Parenting

This Mindfulness-Based Childbirth and Parenting (MBCP) program is a nine-week practical preparation course (the weeks seriously fly by, so don't let the time commitment overwhelm you). The process of childbirth can be overwhelming, exciting, scary, and thrilling. This class offers you valuable tools to get through the transformational process of birth and prepares you for parenting. Most importantly, it offers you a framework for applying evidenced-based mindfulness techniques to your daily life, starting from the first class.

The teaching of mindfulness through the MBCP program is fully integrated into the current knowledge of the psycho-biological processes of pregnancy, labor, birth, and the postpartum period, and the psycho-biological needs of the newborn and infant. Included in the course are a variety of mind-body pain coping practices, positions for labor, the physiology of childbirth and breastfeeding from a mind-body perspective and postpartum adjustment.

Clinical observations and qualitative data from post-course questionnaires show that pregnant women and their partners consistently report an increase in confidence and a decrease of fear of childbirth, an overall sense of well-being, and an increased ability to manage stress in everyday life. Couples report improved relationships and more effective communication. The pleasure of connection with a community of others is an additional health benefit. Though still in its infancy, research is growing to support these clinical observations.

Fee $550 per couple • Duration about 2-3 hours per class

The elusive birth plan, we know you've heard of it, but what is it and how does it make a difference?

We will take you step-by-step through the process of childbirth - we promise to only teach you the things you need to know and to cut out the noise. This class may be short but it is RICH with information that only a full time Labor Doula would know. We have spent thousands of hours at births gleaning this information so that you don't have to.

You will feel prepared and ready to navigate your best possible birth experience with or without a doula. This class is perfect for busy folks who want to know what they need to know and don't have time for the rest.

This class includes:

  • What to expect during early labor, active labor, transition, and the pushing stage - we will minimize the surprises and build your confidence
  • Guidance on when to go to the hospital, so you don't get sent home
  • What to expect at your place of birth and how to feel heard and empowered
  • Understanding a typical birth process and how to cope with it mindfully
  • How to advocate for yourself and how to make friends with the hospital staff
  • The first breastfeeding and those precious hours after birth
  • How a partner can be a good support before, during, and after

Duration about 2.5 hours Fee $200 per couple

Two class discount: $375

Postpartum Preparation

“Kristy is absolutely incredible, her passion and ability to teach has been so powerful. She is inspiring and a highly effective teacher, in explaining, demonstrating and teaching her experience to help the learning process.”

— Lane L.

We'll tell you a secret: newborns are cute, but they are also a 24/7 gig.

We know the challenges of having a newborn, but the research tells us that the more prepared the new family is for the postpartum time, the better their outcomes are. At Expecting(nyc), the preparation you will receive is educational, emotionally intelligent and logistical. This class is packed with helpful information and will also walk you through how to mindfully be with your baby, your partner, your body, and the other changes that occur during the postpartum time.

This class covers:

  • Demystifying the baby to reduce stress and anxiety
  • Normal newborn feeding behaviors (hint: they eat 8-16 times a day)
  • Normal newborn sleep cycles
  • Basic newborn language and cues
  • Techniques for soothing your baby
  • How to diaper, bathe, swaddle, etc.
  • Setting up systems so that your baby brain can focus on the baby, including logistical considerations
  • Setting up the right support systems from family, friends, or paid support
  • Setting up good boundaries with visitors
  • Communication between partners
  • Understanding the changes in your body

We recommend couples take this class together, and you may also bring along other support people like mother-in-laws, doulas, and baby nurses.

Duration about 2.5 hours

Fee $200 per couple

Two class discount: $375