Planning to start a family but don't know where to begin?

At Expecting(nyc), we encourage women to start thinking about their care provider, birth location, and postpartum plan even before they are pregnant. This gives you ample time to put yourself in the best position possible for a satisfying and informed birth experience. Join us at our next open house for general information about our practice or contact us to schedule a personal pregnancy preparation consultation. 

This consultation includes: 

  • An inside scoop on NYC's hospitals, birthing centers, and home birth options
  • Care Provider recommendations based on your individual needs
  • Debunking myths and fears
  • An evidenced-based understanding of the labor and childbirth process
  • Understanding normal breastfeeding and newborn sleep
  • Plus answering your specific questions and concerns, from fertility to birth to newborn care

Fee $150

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Do I need a doula?

You’re pregnant, congratulations! Where do you start? We know it's overwhelming, that is why we offer a free monthly open house to learn about where to begin. Come meet the doulas on our team as we go over our diverse class offerings and give you an introduction to doula support. Here at Expecting(nyc), we all work in support of one another, so our open house will give you the chance to meet your whole support network. We will help you to understand the role of labor and postpartum doulas, baby nurses, childbirth education, and how to find what's best for your family. Plus, there will be snacks and other newly pregnant folks like you! 

Sign up for our next session! If you cannot attend, please contact us to schedule an individual consultation.

Offered Monthly • Free! 

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