Expecting(nyc) Doula Training

Expecting(nyc) offers the only mindfulness-based doula training in NYC. Kristy Zadrozny, our founder, has developed this training to teach you how to apply basic mindfulness techniques, theory, and practice to your personal life and your work as a professional doula. Kristy's experience as a Mindfulness Based Childbirth and Parenting Educator is based the ground breaking MBCP curriculum developed by Nancy Bardacke, CNM. 

Our ultimate goal is to live in a world where more women and families are emotionally supported through pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period. That is why we open our doula trainings to anyone who shares our vision. This may be a shift from a traditional doula training in that we really focus on how we can support the expectant family as a larger community. We want to see not only prospective professional doulas but sisters, grandmothers, other perinatal professionals, and friends at our trainings. All Expecting(nyc) Doula Trainings give participants a strong framework for starting a career as a professional doula, an understanding of the birth process from a mindfulness-based perspective, and a realistic understanding of the postpartum period.

For those especially serious about a career path as a doula, we offer an advanced Apprenticeship program. 

Become a CAPPA Certified Labor Doula

Childbirth and Postpartum Professionals Association (CAPPA) is an international certification organization for doulas, childbirth educators, and lactation educators. CAPPA trainings are designed to educate and equip the contemporary perinatal professional for a successful career in a fun, supportive, and collaborative environment. 

CAPPA trainings are evidence-based, comprehensive, and are designed to appeal to all learning styles. Students will enjoy engaging and interactive instruction, with practical and real-world scenarios. CAPPA instructors have in depth knowledge and follow standardized curriculums to ensure the highest quality training. 

As one of the first and most comprehensive perinatal organizations in the world, CAPPA is respected for its longevity, stability, and its commitment to excellence in both education and unsurpassed student and member support.

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Special Workshops

From sound healing to prenatal yoga to reproductive justice workshops, check out all we have to offer here.

Nourish the Doula Soul: Urban Retreat

Join Kristy Zadrozny of Expecting(nyc) and Lesley Everest of MotherWit Doula Care and Training for an urban retreat designed to nourish and refine the doula soul. 

With a mutually cherished dedication to mindfulness and the combined experience of almost 35 years of birth support and teaching, Kristy and Lesley will share practices to facilitate deep insight and healing. Within a safe and loving container opened ceremonially, learn how to deepen your embodied presence with clients and how to see and be seen in your vulnerability (and exploring your challenges around that). Explore your doula story, discovering what brought you to this work (the light and shadows) and what the next steps on your path are. In a womb meditation, connect to the Healer Within so that you go home with tools and resources to continue the work you have done through learning, ritual, movement, and art.

September 23rd