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Postpartum Preparation

We'll tell you a secret, newborns are cute, but they are also a 24/7 gig.

We know the challenges of having a newborn and the research tells us, that the more prepared the new family is for the postpartum time, the better their outcome will be. That's why we offer you this super charged preparation class.

This class covers

-Demystifying the baby to reduce stress and anxiety
-Normal newborn feeding behaviors (hint: they eat 8-16 times a day!)
-Normal newborn sleep cycles
-Basic newborn language and cues
-Setting up systems so that your baby brain can focus on the baby, includes logistical considerations
-Setting the right support systems from family, friends, or paid support
-Setting up good boundaries with visitors
-Communication between partners
-We recommend couples should take this class together, you may also bring along other support people like mother in laws, doulas and baby nurses.


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