Julie Martin

Apprentice Doula

Julie's path to birth work has been anything but straight and narrow; instead, various streams carried her to this estuary of intersecting interests. But somewhere in the background there was always an interest in biology and the wonders of the human body. Perhaps it’s no coincidence that her favorite book growing up was A Child is Born, with its precise black and white pictures of life from the moment of conception to the precious moment after birth when, as if by magic, not only a human is born, but a whole family unit. 

Julie followed her passion for the arts, earning a bachelor's degree from the university of south Florida in English language and literature in the spring of 2010. The idea of becoming a midwife sprang up when, while secondhand shopping, she came across a long forgotten and gently used copy of A Child is Born. The seedling of this idea stayed with her for a long time. While the thought of returning to school right away didn’t take root, a good friend said to her, “You know, I think you’d be a great doula." and suddenly, a parallel path opened up before her. Julie signed up for an introductory workshop in February of 2017 through CAPPA and met Kristy. She rather quickly became smitten with what would become her new line of work and focus. 

Expecting(nyc)’s practice resonates with many of Julie's own beliefs: using an open heart, evidence-based data, and mindfulness to stay present through all of life’s contractions. She is also a registered yoga teacher with yoga alliance, receiving her 200-hour training at Sacred Bed-Stuy in July of 2017. She strongly believes in the power and exploration of the self through the mind-body connection, trusting yourself to know what’s right for your body.

Finalmente, como hija de padres latinos, soy hispanohablante y me encantaría ayudarle como comadrona durante este tiempo tan especial y único de su vida. Julie is so excited to continue growing in her mindfulness practice and birth work here at Expecting(nyc).