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Linsey Boisvert

Principle Doula

Linsey was inspired to become a labor doula after years of working closely with women as a fashion designer. She is also a trained herbalist, sonotherapist, yoga teacher, and a student of taoism and meditation, all of which bolster her practice as a doula. 

Linsey uses these teachings to support birthing families, with an emphasis on guiding the birthing person's own intrinsic wisdom to employ their bodies, breath, and voice during labor to facilitate a calm birthing environment. She is present, holding space for anything that arises, all in the effort to allow the unique birthing process to unfold. Clients can expect a gentle, centered presence, and skillful guidance toward mindful birthing.

Trainings and certifications: Robin Rose Bennett of wise woman healing ways: four year herbal medicine training and earth spirit teachings; Nevine Michaan + Abbie Galvin of Katonah Yoga: therapeutic adjustments, pranayama & taoist theory; John Beaulieu of biosonics: integrating cognitive mindfulness with sound healing; Eileen McKusick of biofield tuning: study and application of the therapeutic effects of audible sound; Stephanie Rooker of voice journey: vocal techniques for holistic well- being; Kristy Zadrozny of Expecting(nyc): birth doula training and mindfulness-based childbirth education course.