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It's all about Communication, with Elly Taylor of Becoming Us

We somehow convinced Elly Taylor from AUSTRALIA to visit us in NYC to present her groundbreaking work on communication for parents to be. Doulas, you are on the front lines here, and this workshop promises to offer you profound and applicable tools to prepare your clients to thrive! 

A little bit about Elly: she is on a mission to help professionals do a better job of preparing parents for the realities of early parenthood. We have high rates of Perinatal Mood Disorders and relationship distress that we could be reducing risks for - by giving couples the knowledge, skills, and foresight to anticipate and work through the changes and challenges. 
Elly describes her class as a cross between Gottman's Bringing Baby Home and Brene Brown's Daring Way, but it's based on her own research and experience and the approach she developed from that. She is AMAZING. Save the date!