“Kristy is a fabulous labor doula trainer. I appreciate her sharing her wealth of knowledge, evidence-based practices and birth experience.”

— Katie G.


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“THANK YOU!....to all of you! it was refreshing to be in a room with women whom all have a fire burning in them...Special thank you to Kristy, you are a great teacher/educator! When someone can teach you in story form, break things down and keep everyone intrigued.... gets 4 thumbs up in my book.” 

— Anna F.

“Kristy is absolutely incredible, her passion and ability to teach has been so powerful. She is inspiring and a highly effective teacher, in explaining, demonstrating and teaching her experience to help the learning process.”

— Lane L.

"Kristy is an incredible source of wellness information, spanning from pregnancy and birthing best practices, to massage technique, holistic medicine and more. She's reliable and friendly to work with and I would recommend her highly to anyone interested in massage therapy or any of her other services."

Andrew K.

“Kristy, I just want to tell you, I’m a much better doula for having met you. My dear friend (whose first birth I attended two years ago) is in labor. I have been texting advice to her hubby, and the things I have to offer are simpler, clearer, and more useable than what I would have come up with even six months ago. Wanted you to know the impact you’ve had on me, and on any families I serve into the future. ”

— Apprentice, 2015



Kristy Zadrozny on Her Birth Doula Training Program at Expecting(nyc)

"Just like my clients brought me into birth, the women I’ve trained have asked me for more mentorship. This program will meet regularly throughout the year, I will take the doulas through their certification material so that by the end of the apprenticeship they are certified and have a strong understanding of the birth process as well as actual birth experience." 

Read more at www.babycaravan.com

The Birthful Podcast: Episode #9: "Getting Help after the Baby is Born"

"In this episode of the Birthful Podcast, we are going to be talking about getting the help you need for after the baby is born. You know the saying about how 'it takes a village...' It’s because life with a newborn is much harder than you think! How much support will you need, and how can you go about getting it? To find out, I’ll be talking with Kristy Zadrozny."

Listen to the podcast at www.birthful.com


7 Things Your Doula Should Tell You About Giving Birth

"As a doula, I get the amazing opportunity to witness my clients’ very different pregnancies, labors, and postpartum experiences. I realize many people hear the word 'doula' and picture a woman who will support only the most natural birth experience, relying on meditation instead of medication, and covering your entire family in patchouli. While there may be doulas who fit this description, most of us don't. But there are a few ideas that are true for most births. Here are some things most doulas know but might not necessarily tell you..."

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Kristy Zadrozny, Devin Febbroriello, and Erin Graham on their Film 'Expecting Support'

CC: Do you believe there are specific steps that we could take right now to change things in a more positive direction for women and their families? Or is it much  more complex than that?

KZ: That is what is so amazing about this work! There are things we can do RIGHT NOW to make the kind of change that matters. We need to ask for help.

 Read more at thecosmiccollage.blogspot.com


"Kristy takes a holistic approach to wellness and is an expert on the subject. She's listens attentively to specific concerns and problems and gives thoughtful advice about how to remedy them." 

— Karen Zraick, Online Editor at the New York Times