Sound Bath

with Linsey Boisvert

Our inner concert shapes our reality. A sound bath guides the body, mind, and breath - the instruments of our personal orchestra - to return to their natural vibration and rhythm. Using the gong, singing bowls, and other harmonic instruments supported by intention, this experience has the capacity to potentiate the breath, light our fires, stir our waters, and nourish our roots, creating more harmony within ourselves. Close your eyes and surrender to the vibrational waves of this peace offering.

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Moon Gathering

with Linsey Boisvert

The moon's energy pulls on the tides and waves of the earth, and of our bodies. A new moon is a time to go in, to listen, and to see what is calling from within. Women have circled around the new moon for ages, bleeding their life blood into the earth. As women experience the blood rituals of maiden, mother, and crone, these phases wax and wane like the moon. We honor this cycle with ritual. This gathering will be a space for sharing, singing, movement, and silence. A space to reconnect and replenish. To share among sisters, to be held and heard. We gather collectively to replenish and vision together, making intentions for the month - the cycle - ahead. Bring a candle, an intention, and yourself just as you are. 

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Prenatal Yoga

with Julie Martin

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