Kristy Zadrozny

Founder + Educator + Senior Doula


"Kristy was a phenomenal support during my son's birth, and I wish every mother could have such a present, skilled, and caring doula. The prenatal visits were great preparation and helped me tremendously in planning for the postpartum period...I feel so blessed that Kristy has been there to ease our baby's entrance to this world."

"I just have to say Leah was amazing through the entire pregnancy/birth. She was our rock! I don't know what we would have done if she wasn't there."

"We are doing fantastic! Baby is healthy and calm, and is latching, which is very encouraging. We want to thank [Linsey] for all of your warmth and love, as well as professionalism. We have continued to recount our birth story and we so appreciate your role in it. Thank you, thank you!" 

"I wanted to thank you for putting me in touch with Katie. She was wonderful and so sweet! [Our baby] is back on the boob, what a relief... it only took one try with Katie’s suggestion about position and how to get her to latch. She’s a life saver."