"We give you the tools to approach life with an open and pragmatic mindset, creating ease, spaciousness, and affectionate attention around the perinatal period."

— Kristy Zadrozny, founder + director


When we came up with the name “Expecting”, we were interested in creating space for families to manage all of the excitement, anxiety, and unknowns of pregnancy and childbirth.  As a practice rooted in mindfulness, we have come to understand that sometimes our expectations create more discomfort in childbirth and parenting than the actual pains of labor. We realize expectations are a normal part of the human experience and so our goal is to help guide you through this transformational time, demystifying the process.

At Expecting(nyc), we want to reframe the expectation mindset to include the understanding that, although we may have hopes, dreams, and aspirations for a certain outcome surrounding our pregnancy, birth, and postpartum experience, we ultimately cannot control this outcome. However, we can work towards changing our relationship to the curveballs thrown at us in birth and in life.




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