"When you feel tension arising, it means it's time to ask for help."

— Kristy Zadrozny, founder + director

Our method has been honed and perfected by our founder, Kristy Zadrozny, after many years of witnessing the childbirth process. We have developed a highly progressive and sustainable internal structure model of supervision and partnership. At Expecting(nyc), we truly uphold our identity as a group practice, supporting one another in our work. As our client, you are receiving the wisdom and support of the whole team, not just one doula.

At Expecting(nyc), we use the seven foundational attitudes of mindfulness as a guide for our practice and as a way to prepare our clients for the childbirth process include:

  • A Non-Judging Mindset towards our clients and their choices in childbirth
  • Patience, being in the present moment and allowing the process to unfold as it may without putting pressure or time restrictions on our clients or the birth process
  • Beginner's Mind, approaching each client with an open mindset, allowing us to see things as they really are, in the present moment
  • Trust, as in Self-Reliance, supporting all our clients in their inherent ability to give birth and parent as they know is right for them, teaching them to trust their intuition in pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum, and supporting them in this process
  • Non-Striving, allowing our clients to move through their birth process and preparing them for all they may encounter without trying to force an outcome or result
  • Acknowledgement, first, and then moving towards Acceptance for the outcome of each birth, even if things do not go as planned
  • Letting Go, or Letting Be, resting with all outcomes, with whatever our clients experience, without rejecting what is unpleasant or striving to what is pleasant

(sources: psychologytoday.com, mindfulbirthing.org, mindfullife.net.au)

We are committed to providing mindful, evidenced-based, compassionate support for our clients.

Our group practice model ensures you that all of our doulas have the same training no matter their experience level, they embody and share the values that are cornerstone to our practice. We have ongoing supervision and accountability meetings, so whomever you hire you are getting the wisdom and support of the whole team. Additionally, we offer regular advanced trainings to our staff and work collaboratively with OB's, Midwives, and hospitals all over NYC.


Labor Support

Our doulas range in experience and speciality, our Principle doulas are fully certified, experienced in working with a variety of families, experiences and preferences. They also have advanced certifications in Lactation Counseling, Herbalism, Yoga instruction, massage skills for labor and maternal/child health expertise. Senior doula, Kristy Zadrozny offers the most comprehensive service package and support while training, supervising and mentoring the entire practice.

Theres support for everyone, regardless of your budget. We are happy to match you with a student from our Doulaship Program, these doulas are newly trained and gaining experience through supervision and mentorship.

For an introduction to the doulas, visit our team. Please view our FAQs and Resource List for more information.

Our Doula Package

Two Prenatal Home Visits

The first visit (32-36 weeks) is your birth preferences visit, where we cover the things that are most important to you for your birth, including logistics, roles in the process, and mindfulness-based coping techniques, and we give you a very realistic expectation for the experience.

The second visit (36-38 weeks) is to help prepare you for the postpartum time. We go over newborn sleeping patterns, breastfeeding, and newborn hunger cues. We also help you figure out what kind of support you may need at home during this time so that you can be set up and prepared to learn about, and with, your baby.

Prenatal visits with Principle Doulas will also include individualized birth plan preparation, mindfulness-based coping techniques, and childbirth education.


Unlimited phone/email contact in pregnancy and immediate postpartum.

On Call (24/7) from 38 weeks and until you give birth. We set aside 30 days for each client, and a doula from our practice will be within 1-2 hours of you from 36 weeks.

Birth Support

Emotional, physical, and spiritual support during your labor and birth.

Postpartum Home Visits

We offer up to two postpartum home visits for providing basic support, including meal preparation, cleaning, and newborn care. Principle Doulas also offer basic breastfeeding support, recognizing normal patterns and catching any challenges that may come up and providing referrals. We understand how challenging this time can be, so we make ourselves available for you by visiting usually within 2-7 days postpartum, and then again within two weeks if needed. We offer unlimited support during this time.

Fee $300-$2500 depending the experience level of your doula. Please email us at Info@expectingnyc.com and let us know your budget and the kind of support you are looking for.

Work with Kristy

Kristy, founder of Expecting(nyc) provides the most comprehensive support package. Kristy has over ten years experience and has worked with thousands of families through massage therapy, mindfulness based education, labor and postparutm doula support and Ceritified Lactation Counselor. Krisy specializes in normal newborn sleep cycles and breastfeeding behaviors. Kristy is currently pursuing a Masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy.

Fee $5000 Kristy has limited availability in 2019, please let us know if you are interested in working with her.

skin to skin after birth


* Likelihood of a cesarean section reduced by 50%
* Length of labor reduced by 25%
* Use of synthetic oxytocin reduced by 40%
* Use of narcotics reduced by 30%
* Use of forceps reduced by 30%
* Use of epidurals reduced by 60%

(sources: [americanpregnancy.org][4], [wellnessmama.com][5], [evidencebasedbirth.com][6])

Postpartum Support

Expecting(nyc)’s doulas are here to tell you that the postpartum time can be challenging, so we highly suggest setting up a solid support structure for the postpartum time. This can include a visiting postpartum doula, family support, baby nurse, or even household help.


Our Postpartum Doulas are trained in the nuances and intricacies of taking care of a newborn. Our job is to be with you during this transition so that you can feel confident in your abilities as a new parent and stay present at this time of transformation.

We meet by 38 weeks of your pregnancy at your home or in office for the postpartum preparation visit to ensure a smooth transition for the postpartum time. We also put a plan in place so that you feel supported during the postpartum time. (This can be booked separately.) We will then meet for immediate postpartum support when you come home from the hospital and for continued postpartum support through the first six weeks (and sometimes more).

Postpartum Visits are usually 3-4 hours each and include:

  • Evidence-based breastfeeding support
  • Newborn education (hunger & communication signs)
  • Sleep strategies
  • Sibling preparation and care
  • Meal preparation and light housekeeping
  • Developing support network
  • Accompanying to doctor appointments
  • Phone and email support
  • Professional referrals, as needed

Rates based on experience from $15 per hour to $75 per hour. Please email info@expectingnyc.com to schedule a consultation

Fertility Support

Sometimes our clients hire us before they are even pregnant. At this point, our role is focused on helping to identify the kind of experience you envision for yourself by steering you towards a place of birth and recommending care providers that might suit your needs. We have also supported women going through the process of egg freezing and IVF in the capacity of preparation, accompaniment to/from the fertility clinic, and emotional support as they go through the process. Also head over to massage therapy and acupuncture to see how these services can support you.

Please contact us with any questions you might have regarding pregnancy and birth in NYC.