About the Film

By sharing expert advice and women's personal stories, Expecting Support aims to highlight the importance of providing support to women during the childbearing years. It aims to highlight the lack of support politically and culturally, i.e. inadequate maternal and paternal work leave and the lack of supportive pregnancy / birth / postpartum environments in America. The producers of this film hope to educate viewers about the organizations currently working toward improving support structures in the United States.

When women feel supported, they are empowered. Through this empowerment, profound transformations occur on the individual level; creating stronger families and impacting the evolution of our entire culture. The film discusses ways in which health care providers, doulas, and other complementary care providers can best work together to enhance the support women are offered during their childbearing years and bring about this positive shift in our culture.

How You Can Help

This labor of love will be brought to you by filmmaker, Devin Febbroriello; certified nurse-midwife, registered nurse, massage therapist, and birth doula, Erin Graham; and certified lactation counselor and founder of Expecting(nyc), Kristy Zadrozny. So far, they have raised nearly $7,000 from over 100 backers, but they need your help to reach their goal and complete the film.


Thank You For All Of Your Support!